• Should I Buy or Rent a container grown Christmas tree?

Buying... owning your own real living Christmas tree can be so much fun. Enjoy it all year round by keeping it outside and bringing it in for Christmas. If you can look after a house plant then looking after a container grown Christmas tree is the same process. 

Renting... Renting a Christmas tree means you simply pay to borrow it for that festive season and return it to the grower early in the New Year. You will probably get a different tree next year if you decide to rent a Christmas tree again.

  • Why do you only deliver to the front door?

We’re really sorry but our couriers are only insuranced to deliver it to your front door. In addition, with Covid-19 and during these unprecedented times putting the health and wellbeing of customers, couriers and staff is paramount. This confirmation does not change other preventative guidance measures in place from the government at the time but is an additional measure relevant to our identified specific tasks in delivering/collecting your Christmas trees. All order placed before 30th November will be delivered in first few days of December, unless requested later. Collection will be between 7th - 8th  January 2021, unless requested earlier. Please be aware that the courier does not deliver/collect on Bank holidays or at weekends. 

The option to confirm your preferred delivery date is on the Basket page, it is a free text section. Just below the order confirmation you will see a box that states  

"Please Enter Any Special Delivery Instructions and Requested Delivery Date Below (DD/MMM) "

  • Do I need to retain the shipment packaging

Rental customers - Yes please, refiiting the netting and inserting the tree back in the reusable cloth shipment bag will enable you to return the tree safely and undamaged. The simple care instruction explain how to easily do this task.

  • Nordman Fir (Abies Nordmannianna) no needle drop trees

All our Nordman Fir (Abies Nordmannianna) trees have been grown from seed harvested from the Caucusus mountains forests in Russia. Our trees started life in a Denmark nursery and when they were 3 years old, during their dormant period they were dug up and shipped over to Love A Christmas Tree and we planted the saplings into specialist containers in our plantation.

  • Is there a difference between container grown and potted trees?

Our container trees are grown in the same containers we planted them in the field as 3 year old saplings, therefore they have a full root system. 

Potted trees are dug up and then repotted just before December.

Clearly container grown trees have the best chance of survival if left in the supplied pot or re-planted out in the garden after Christmas.

  • How do I care for my Christmas tree?

Can I Decorate my tree?

Yes you can decorate your tree, feel free to dance around, sing to and decorate your tree as you see fit. Please no flocking or spray tinsel as the chemicals can harm the tree.


Like all living things your trees need water to live. Do not over water, keep the soil moist not soggy.


Avoid heat shock. Our recommendation is to place your tree into your house on delivery. If you choose to store outside temporarily in icy temperatures, moving from a very cold environment to a warm centrally heated house immediately can cause permanent damage the tree. Placing your tree into a shed or garage for a few days will help the tree to adjust before bringing into your home.

 Too Cold?

Similarly, if after Christmas you prefer to store the tree outside before placing it in your garden, ensure you give the tree a few days in the shed or garage to help it adjust before leaving it in the cold.

 Too Hot?

Don't cook your tree. Even after the tree has acclimatised to a warmer home environment it should certainly not be placed in front of open fires or radiators as they will dry out quickly. This will result in needle-drop and potential death of the tree.

 No hair cuts!

Trees should not be cut or trimmed over Christmas as doing so risks infection that will affect your tree.

 Enough Space?

Trees can get claustrophobic. Make sure you carefully measure the height and area where you will place your Christmas tree. The tree measurements we provide are from the base of the pot to the tip of the tree. Don't forget to allow space for your fairy or star on top!

Visit https://loveachristmastree.com/pages/tree-care


The above Christmas tree care instructions form part of our Terms & Conditions.