Caring for your Christmas Tree


Like all living things your trees need water to live. Do not over water, keep the soil moist.


Avoid heat shock Our recommendation is to place your tree into your house on delivery. If you choose to store outside temporarily in icy temperatures an intermediate step of bringing your tree indoors into a shed/garage for a few days will help the tree to adjust before bringing into your home. Moving from a very cold environment to a warm centrally heated house immediately can cause permanent damage the tree.

Too Cold?

Similarly if after Christmas you prefer to store the tree outside before collection please ensure you give the tree a few days in the shed/garage to help it adjust before leaving it in the cold.

Too Hot?

Don't cook your tree, even after the tree has acclimatised to a warmer home environment it should certainly not be placed in front of open fires or radiators as they will dry out quickly. This will result in needle-drop and potential death of the tree.

No hair cuts!

Trees may not be cut or trimmed as doing so risks infection that will not only effect your tree but the whole forest after your tree is returned.

Enough Space?

Trees can be claustrophobic. Make sure you carefully measure the height and area where you will place your Christmas tree. The tree measurements we provide are from the base of the pot to the tip of the tree. Don't forget to allow space for your fairy or star on top!

The above Christmas tree care instructions form part of our Terms & Conditions.